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Scapegoat that makes for excellent trollbait.

Extremely good at (homo)
Where has that scapegoat Camel Salesman gone again for me to e-bully! my e-wang is lacking.
*shakes fist*

*shakes fist*

*shakes fist*

Your mum left poo all over my fist!
*shakes fist*
by Angus Fantapube. April 24, 2008
CamelSalesman's think they are god's gift to hot chicks. Often over 6ft tall with with tiny dicks and big egos.
So I was like riding my bike the other day and this hot chick jogging by nearly made me crash! WTF! I know, as the one and only camelsalesman, I'm irresitable riding my Hyo 250, but please chicky babes, give me a break once and a while!
I'm not here for the sex, just chats and stuff.
by HyoBasher April 09, 2008
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