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taking a used condom, inflating it with air, and then pinching each side of the opening such that the condom makes a high pitched squeal and spits out the man juice within.
last night i got a little bored with just throwing away the condom so i gave my wife the camel lips.
by gspot2404 January 02, 2005
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Someone with fat ass camel lips that enjoys using them for homosexual purposes
The giraffe used his camel lips to get his sexual pleasures for the day.
by Jake Zortmanlips July 25, 2008
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when you are wearing a pair of jeans or pants and your belly fat fills and sticks out of the spaces that surround the zipper/fly area.

It's like camel toe, but on your stomach.
Check out the camel lip on that girl over there.
by Mavelle August 05, 2013
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