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The surface residue of a sanctimonious turd that simply refuses to flush down the proverbial toilet of a millenium of otherwise staunch academic tradition. Also known as CICCU.
"Hi, I'm from Cambridge Inter-collegiate Christian Union. I support the clergy's prolific choir-boy molestation."
"You're going to hell. I should know, I'm from CICCU."
"I don't even believe in Jesus. I'm in it for the free lunches at CICCU."
"The revised 10 commandments of CICCU:
1) Thou shalt have thine cake and eat it.
2) Thou shalt have the cake of others and eat it even if you are full from aforementioned cake.
3) Thou shalt increase the greenhouse effect through fly-posting and leafleting.
4) Thou shalt be racist and homophobic.
5) Thou shalt slap thine wife about a bit for she hath remarkable regenerative powers.
6) Thou shalt steal from the poor and give to the rich.
7) Thou shalt get them out for the lads.
8) Thou shalt evicerate the proletariate.
9) Thou shalt kill members of all other faths.
10) Thou shalt play cricket."
by Rowan Williams October 14, 2007

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