To let your junk roam free with out being restricted by underwear.
Going camando makes for easy access.
by Pedrito May 24, 2006
Top Definition
to free ball it, to wear no underwear
Man, i love to camando, it feels nice
by jon martin March 29, 2004
A word that is used when one cannot spell commando because they are an illiterate idiot.
Dawg I'm totally going camando right now.
It's commando you fucking idiot, only a dipshit like you would forget your underwear.
by Montanadian March 08, 2008
When a person doesn't wear any underwear, such as a thong or g-string, under their pants or shorts!
Wow, My girlfriend Katie wnet Camando today
by DemonD_666 March 06, 2005
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