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Online webcam sex service where whores, ugly people and fetishists display themselves on camera. Occasionally a female who doesn't look like Abraham Lincoln will 'cam up' and the room will instantly be filled with masturbating no-hopers asking (with little success) the womens address.
Hugh: Hey did you see that pretty girl on Cam4 last night?

Terry: Yea, she left quickly after getting her tits out, I think some guy got her address and was threatening going around there and smashing her with his 80 year old penis.
by prof.reg.fritter April 30, 2011
A type of webcam chat that lets 4 different people view each other on webcam on the same time. It's like group chat but via webcam.

Cam4 is a term commonly associated with live sex sites.
I met some pretty cool people while using the Cam4 feature at my favorite webcam chat site.
by ChatTime July 11, 2016
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