A person that is welsh, and shits in a pot for a living and gets bullied at school so he has to get home schooled.
also he loves cock up his anus and likes to do a spitroast with boys.
He also plays on xbox for a living and is a fat slooooth.
he is fat and has rips in his jeans because his legs are too obese. and as he lives on benefits they couldnt get any more and they were sold out at the charity shop.
he usually tries to bully people to try and make himself feel better but it just backfires at him and gets a bomb to the face.
also you can add him on xbox Ninja Eu and you can terrorize him, he has more rollbacks than asda and has goofier teeth than the twin towers,
his head is the same shape as a mushroom and has numerous chins with stretch marks, even his eyebrows have rolls. He has hair down to his ballsack as he cant cutt and cant go into a barber as he sticks of shit and he doesnt have a bath.
A welsh person is called calvin
by Chill Techniq November 22, 2012
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Calvin: sheer delight. he is amazing.

A boy of wonder.
a boy who posesses; cunning, tact, looks, and insight.

alot of people would say that calvin is vain, stuck-up and selfish. in reality these people are nothing but jelous fools.

Calvin's best friend is a girl of extreme wonder ashton.
"calvin! wow he's so amazing, there are no words to describe his awsomeness!!"
by astroboy_inspace! May 10, 2006
nicest person you'll ever meet but also has the biggest dick you've ever seen, Maria's cant handle Calvin's so they run away
girls friend: hey why are you walking funny?

girl: i fucked Calvin and he tore my shit up
by trey13 September 14, 2008
Not a jew
dude that calvin character is totally not a jew
by 11inchesOF Travis August 28, 2009
The coolest person on the face of the Earth. He is a ladies man and a god among gods. (men) Thou shall kneel and pray. (women) Thou shall kneel and suck.

Also he is the strongest man ever. Greatest bod. Definition of hunk. That's the way, uh huh uh huh. iI like it!
Girl: I saw Calvin's godlike genetalia and passed out.

Guy: As did I
by DJ Carv41141 April 01, 2009
Also known as the Calvinator, this male is a good example of a hard-working overachiever. Past times include: tennis, girls, tennis, and girls.
Boy: I want to be a Calvin!
Other boy: You shall never be like Calvin! There is only one! He is t3h pwn!
by Master Q April 10, 2006
(Verb) to grab someone's genitalia in a public place
Eden totally just calvined that guy on the bus.
by thessgroup February 22, 2009
Is the total sex as 'He gets all the girls, he gets all the girls'

A really well rounded character.
Calvin Harris - Sex Dude
by 12345oprah April 23, 2009
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