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Poker terminology. Used to describe a player who matches any bet regardless of the odds stacked against them to win the hand.
"I bet $50."
"I call."
"I bet $100."
"I call."
"What do you have? I have three of a kind, Aces."
"Oh. Busted straight. Thought I'd hit my three outter on the river, then I wanted to see what you had."
"What a callbox."
by The Poker Professor April 19, 2006
An old cell phone. particularly the ones with the calculator LCD screens like the Nokia 5110 and 3210's. Kids Usually use them when their primary phones get stolen or lost. They mostly grab them from the parents or the cupboard with all the old remotes in it.
Hey there dude. waw. lets see your callbox. My mom has one like this.
by X.wayde.X November 03, 2006
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