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A lovely girl tush with my hands on it
by Milena October 07, 2003
the mix used to make cakes
i wanna make a cak but im outta cake mix
by Louie Kay August 31, 2006
A women's hot ass
Check out that cakemix
by Clarise August 01, 2003
a girlfriend or crush
I am dating Shannon Coley. She is my cake mix.
by Bill Othman October 29, 2007
This is where two people are having intercourse, and a person comes up and cracks an egg on the girl. Then, they throw cake mix all over her and yell, "Cake Mix!!!"
So, me and my friend cake-mixed this bitch last night.

Oh no, not the cake mix!
by Will HHHHHHH September 29, 2006