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(noun) The stench inside a school cafeteria whilst they are serving something particularly non-fragrent, which seems to hit you like a wave as you walk through the door into the cafeteria, sometimes triggering the gagging reflex.
Shellie: So then she was all like "oh no you di'int" and i was like... WOAH!
Brittany: Talk about a major cafeteria blast! What are they serving today?
Shellie: Looks like some sort of amorphous glob passing for turkey with mashed potatoes.
Brittany: I think I'm gonna puke!
Shellie: I know it's soo gross! Let's go eat in the courtyard.
Brittany: Yeah, I don't know how people can stand to eat that crap.
by YouJustLostTheGame! February 01, 2010
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