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the act of ejaculating upon the face of a common prostitute or average day slut then throwing money at said whore causing it to stick to her face.
yo, I gave that bitch a caesar salad and that dirty hoe kept the money.
by Kevin Sparticus November 05, 2007
The act of spreading another humans buttcheeks with the nose and blowing air into the anus, as the cheeks ripple and flap. Similar to a motorboat, but with buttcheeks.
"God, when The Deer gave Justin a caesar salad, I thought his cheeks would never stop flapping"
by Andrew G August 19, 2005
The act of ejaculating in one's anus and then tossing their salad afterwards
John enjoyed the caesar salad soon after he ejaculated in Bob.
by Caesar Salad Lover October 17, 2009
The act of a man banging a female from behind and cumming in her pussy while the female is eating another man's asshole.
That was some delicious caesar salad we made last night.
by Mcsticky December 06, 2010
The act of farting while someone is rimming you (i.e. farting while having your anus licked). Coined by the Atlantan whom made a submission to Savage Love under the name GASS.
I was there tossing her salad and all of a sudden she busts a Caesar salad.
by Lex Icon December 04, 2003
When a mixture of cannabis and opium lettuce is smoked giving the smoke a great salad-like taste and an unusually strong but calming high.
"Hey, man I was smoking some of that Caesar salad last night and I was baked as fuck."

"If you mix that opium lettuce into that G we've got you'll feel great."
by doom metal July 26, 2008
When a guy interacts with a pole, a donkey, KY Jelly, and a bottle of Jergins.
Josh: Damn, What's the donkey for?
Jimmy: Well i have a pole, a donkey, KY Jelly, and a bottle of Jergins.
Josh: What's that suppose to mean?
Jimmy: That means i'm having a Caesar Salad.
Josh: ...huh?
by L. South January 24, 2007
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