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The mother fucking act of gettin FUCKED up by smoking that weed and drinking that liquor. Recommended across the globe by anyone who knows how to get fucked up.
Goddam you stupid baby dick mother fucker! Where the fuck am III?? Dude, you just busted in that ugly hoes face and then we ran up out her house. Shit fool, those 40's and blunts got me CADILLACIN like a mother fucker.
by Gay Craig October 20, 2006
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to chill around your crib all day long with no apparent plans or motivation to do anything
man ima just cadillac it from now on after school
by the nudist midget February 18, 2004
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To lounge or hang out in ones dwelling; To lay around when no other chorse are needing to be completed or are waiting completion; To gain rest.
Yo me and Stellar & Amused and Fezzik & and Tom were hangin out at #chikin and I was just Cadillacin
by Ncognito @ mIRC July 29, 2003
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