Cacey is known through out town as the biggest whore, skank, slut, cunt, you will ever meet.
This name comes from the origin of pakistan.
Cacey's usually have really big noses and little beaty eyes.
They are some of the most ugly girls in the world, And are not to be trusted.

Cacey is also known as a cheater, she likes to cheat.
She has big belly, that you can see through her tight shirt.
She has a baby voice, Sounds like a 2 year old ape.

Another definition is UGLY bitch, She is someone with utter ugliness, Likes to get in the way,(Besides in the way with her hugeness)

Horrible hair
not to be trusted
Gets beat up alot, because no one likes her, and she a cunt.

Cacey's should have never existed on earth

Will give you aids
John-Ewww, Cacey called me nasty hoe, I'll probably get aids now!
Mike-I know!That bitch trie to kiss me last night, I wwas like back it up herpes face
Lisa-And her huse belly and nose doen't help
Jenn-Not to mention she's just a flat out whore, and a fugly slut
Cassie-Yo man, you hooked up with 10 people, and you kept telling them you love them!you were pulling a Cacey.
Gina-ewww, sorry, I never wanna pull a cacey!
by remeberance December 13, 2007
Top Definition
She's beautiful, understanding, smart, has pretty hair and her laughs contagious. She lives everyday like her last and loves love.
Cacey is awesome. Can we be friends
by Volleyball12 April 07, 2015
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