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The act of cc'ing your boss and the boss of the person you're sending an email so that those in higher paygrades are made aware that either:

a) it is actually you who are doing all the work; or

b) you are not the person responsible for screwing up the project they've assigned to you.
a) Tammy is being a real co-worthless. I've spent the last week cranking out the quarterlies, and she's become the office placebo, making everyone think she's doing all of my work. I've started c.c.y.a.'ing our bosses with everything I complete so she can't take credit for any of it.


b) Jimbicile is completely fubar'd. He emailed the report to PMIP today with their name misspelled as PIMP throughout the entire document. I hit reply to tell him this, and I did a c.c.y.a. to make sure he didn't try to be a screwtard during the blame storm that's sure to come.
by Beelzebub Jones August 24, 2010
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