A mischievous homosexual.

Comes form the fusion af the two words Crazy and Fag
You fuckin crag.

Wow! Check out the crag!
by The Tangoman March 03, 2005
A sickening person/thing that loves goats.
by Someone who noticed July 29, 2003
Crag - Goat lover
Crag loves goats
by 5|<1n% June 23, 2003
Crag - A n00b. Someone with limited knowledge
F**king Crag sux
by 5|<1n% June 19, 2003
Crag. A faggot.
Crag you retarded faggot.
by 5|<1n% June 23, 2003
Crag - C-R-A-G - Also see "Stupid" "Morron" "Dumbfuck" "Goatse"
by dgsd October 16, 2003
The one who is always picked on
by Someone who notices June 25, 2003

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