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adj. great, terrible, good, bad, awesome, awful. A catch-all term originating among elite rock-climbers to describe almost anything. Used with proper inflection to describe meaning, similar to 'bad'
"Dude, that Ford Fiesta is crags."

"Dude, that girl's ass is crags!"

"Crags, that was the last Mountain Dew."

Advanced usage:
"I was on cragslist and your craggy mom was looking to sell that janky crag she's got for a bag of meth."
by cragslist July 14, 2012
The feeling of slight mental retardation after smoking marijuana. Consciously making retarded decisions while under the influence of cannabis.

Also: cragged
Guy #1 "He just handed the Burger King guy a $100 bill laughed about the color green...blazing was an excellent choice."
Guy #2 " Dude! He's cragged!"
by tnuz March 13, 2011
A face like a decrepit, old castle.
Did you see Sean's girlfriend? She had a face like a crag!
by uhhuhh_9 April 09, 2009
A sweaty hairy vagina in which the hair looks like a cheap toupee.
Ew, mega crag. Is that Donald Trump's hair on her cooch?
by Ashley & Carly May 27, 2008
Carbon Reduction Action Group or Carbon Rationing Action Group. Clubs started in England in 2005 to voluntarily reduce personal carbon dioxide emissions. Craggers measure direct emissions through consumption of energy on a yearly basis, known as a "Carbon Year" and work towards goals set by each group. Some groups have voted to charge themselves penalties for going over emissions goals. Members of CRAGs are voluntarily acting as if there are regulatory limits to personal carbon emissions.
The Maryland CRAG is a group of about 30 people in Maryland, USA that has set a voluntary carbon emissions goal of 10% below the national average.
by Shannon Moore March 31, 2008
A cum rag that you ejaculate in to.
Dammit I forgot to cum in my Crag, I came on your face in stead.
by brett m November 16, 2006
Slag for "Cunt Rag", a cloth used to aid in menstruation, a tampon.
Person 1 - So I was fucking this bitch in her ass and when I was about to nut, I pretended to unload in her ass. She freaked out and turned around and I shot it in her face. I call it the "Houdini".
Person 2 - You're such a fucking c-rag.
by yodanation June 02, 2006