A large sort of crusted over snot you pick out of your nose. Usually takes a few hairs with it on the way out.
I couldn't breathe too well, so I picked the giant crag out and flicked it at the dog.
by Mortivex April 27, 2007
1.) A Big fucking rock.
Woah, that's a crag.
by Manawski August 27, 2003
a term used to describe your girlfriends bitchy attitude
damn kristin was being such a fucking c rag today i wanted to slap the bitch in the face
by matt October 26, 2003
The craziest of crazy, yet really awesome. If you are called crag, you should be proud. The word crag became popular when a person wrote "cray cray" but had terrible handwriting and made it look like "crag crag"
"Hey Ash! Your hair looks crag today."
"I couldn't tame it bro!"
by Ashy Boi January 29, 2014
A rag on which a male wipes his ejaculatory fluid on after climaxing during a session of masturbation.
I used your mum as a C-rag last night.
by tepuni guy September 15, 2011
Swag for white people
Cracker Swag
Oh quell he don't go that crag dat boy got swag.
Bennett has a lot of crag right now
I be cragging in the club like it be my job
by EnergizerMan30 November 07, 2010
A dangerous or threatening vagina. Often characterized by the presence of teeth or fangs.
You didn't fuck Lauren, did you? You know she's got the crag.
by slundeen January 17, 2007

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