Cwalk comes in two forms: Crip walk and Clown/Crown walk. Although the two have came to be known as the same thing, there is a little difference.

1. Crip walk originated from the gang Crips. It is a ritual, not a dance, of the gang. It is used to either taunt their kills or the Bloods gang, their rival, or just as a normal ritual for gang reputation. For its use against the Bloods, Crips would often use the walk to write "Bloods" with one of their feet, then cross the name out as if to rid or kill them. Crip walking is more simple and less popular.

Note: You will notice Crips will wear blue, especially while Crip walking. This is because blue is the gang's color.

2. The Clown/Crown walk is more of a hip-hop dance styled version of the Crip walk. It is more mainstream and most, if not all, practioneers do not belong in the Crips. They take cwalking as more of a dance and do not implement much or any support for the gang. It is more established than Crip walking, incorporating new moves to the dance. It also incorporates more bounce and style.

A warning for cwalkers: If you cwalk, especially in California where the Bloods and Crips hang out, it is possible that you can get murdered by either gangs. The Crips will attack you if you're not a real Crip, the Bloods will just attack you for using their rival's walk.
"Slobs feelin the muthafuccin wrath of my Cripness

Crippin to the fullest 'cause nigga buck slobs, buck all slobs

Nigga I'm a muthafuccin Crip straight slob killa

Showin these muthafuccin slobs no love" -Crips-Break-A-Slob-Down

A Crip Walk (cwalk) song.
by Yuneshik January 26, 2010
Top Definition
a crip gang member dance taking from the mexican dance called "La Cucaracha" adopted by african americans in watts circa 1970's.
c walkin' going on i'm a blood time to leave the party, now.
by og homie November 11, 2005
Not a dance move, the c-walk was originated by Crips to taunt and insult the Bloods, it was also done when they murdered a person they would c-walk ta represent there set. C-walk course short for Crip Walk. The c-walk is movement in your feet ta give people the idea that yer floating. Crips usually spell out the name of there set with there feet. DONT C-WALK UNLESS YER A CRIP ITS NOT A DANCE
"Just cause we talkin, wacha doin c-walkin, it aint just a dance its a way a livin, so if you c-walkin, u besta c-cripin, and that goes for kids to, and r&b singers, nigga quit crip walkin if you aint a gang banga"-Snoop Dogg in "The Streets" by WC
by Vulture1 August 31, 2005
To a dance step where one identifies them self as a crip, can be charicterized by a bouncy movement, unlike the b walk which is less bouncy
Shit he can c walk like a mutha'- fuckin' masta!!!
by MCwhitefish May 04, 2003
A ritual that developed into a form of dance among Crips.
C-walk to this - Snoop Dogg
by DROC July 27, 2005
C-Walk is short for "Crip Walk". Although most practioners of C-Walking claim that it isn't a dance (it's more of a ritual) it is still often done to music as if it was a dance. C-Walking is a form of strutting that originated from the gang culture of Los Angeles, California and has gained in popularity among youth worldwide, mostly through rap and R&B videos. In some areas, mainly in Southern California, C-walking is still strongly associated with gangs and can be taken as an insult by an opposing gang member which can lead to fights and even murder. If a Crip catches a non-Crip doing the C-Walk it too can lead to a fight or murder. Sometimes different sets of the same gang will "battle" eachother, which is a competition to see who's Walk is better. There are also other walks, which are not as popular in the mainstream such as B-Walk (done by the Bloods gang) and Cholo Walking (done primarily by Hispanic gangs).
"Get your walk on, get your head right
I know you feelin the shit, shit is dead right
Get your bounce on, back that ass up
Bitch pass me the bottle, fill your glass up" - Xzibit
by Sodomy Sanchez May 27, 2004
Crip walk, dance created by the Crips gang
Cwalk to this. (Snoop)
by BaZZ V February 23, 2004
A dance traditionarily done by african americans in a seremony of getting "buck" and "crunk"
My Nigga pookie be c walkin like a fool yo.
by mkic0n January 20, 2003
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