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a person obsessed with math and math related things. especially the pythagorean theorem.
i bet he jacks off to math. a^2 + b^2 = c squared!!!
by C^2 May 07, 2008
Refers to Calvert County in Southern Maryland.
I went down to c squared to bury my cousin's turtle.
by Mark S. Roop September 11, 2009
Two c's for chuby chaser, someone who dates overly large women, a person with a fettish for overweight women.
Hunter is a csquared because he went out with that large girl Leah
by AfricanCow January 26, 2011
2 sexy little blondes whos names start with C. They are best friends and hot hot hot. They are probably the funniest people you know and always get the party started. REMIX; they ARE the party! ALSO, they are the best picture takers in the whole world ;) DON'T MESS. trust me.
HEY! Look it's C squared, DAMN!
by C^hot hot February 10, 2009
Another term used to refer to Cross Country.
"I busted my ankle at the C squared meet yesterday"
by Stretch Armstrong May 06, 2006

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