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A $100 Bill.. Or if you are a chain smoker like me, you get C-Notes (Camel Dollars) off the back of the Camel Cigarette boxes.
Shit, if I collect 500 C-Notes I can get a free Camel "turkish Gold" T-Shirt
by Hamydeez April 16, 2004
a c note is a one hundred dollar bill, c notes
customer: how much does this skirt cost?
cashier: a c note
customer: huh?
cashier: one hundred dollars you moron you're gonna buy it or what?
customer: no you can keep it b!tch! a c note you gotta be out your d@mn mind!
by +doesn't matter+ July 29, 2005
A legendary CS player that went by the name of C-Note. He's a real bitch nigga
*C-Note spots his bazooka on the ground*

"OHH, NIGGA MY BAZOOKA! Nigga thats my bazooka right there... Hey cover me I'ma get my bazooka."

*C-Note is then shot in the head from an opposing teams member*
by TheRealC-Note February 20, 2010
Carltons nickname on one of the episodes of fresh prince of bellaire
"Yo cnote can you help me with my taxes"
by Skytripa May 30, 2006
$100 Bill in the USA
"Drink so much I cry liquor, wipe my tears with C-Notes, smoke so much weed, I fart weed smoke"
-Papoose - Ridin Shotgun
by Shae Peterson November 09, 2005
1) A 100-dollar bill

2) An amount of money equal to $100
1) I went to the bank and exchanged a c-note for five 20's.

2) This TV cost me five c-notes. If you break it, I'll break you.
by Jack July 09, 2004
Person who would gladly carry $100 in their pocket to pay the fine for carrying an ounce of marijuana in California.
See that guy over there in the tie-dye? He's definitely a C-Note.
by str8talka October 08, 2010