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philidelphia state hospital(byberry) which is now abandoned.

it is called byberry becuase of being located in northern philly byberry area.

Ok, so here goes, I goto Byberry quite often, usually about two nights a week and stay there for about 4 to 6 hours a night. I have been going for about a year now (so that doesn't make me the expert, just a someone that knows the place well). Some people have been going for almost as long as I've been alive (I'm 20). So here's the rundown (which I will probably get b1tched out for posting but oh well).

Byberry is located on the corner of Roosevelt Blvd. and Southampton Road. There is a company called Statewide Security Company that is in charge of security there. They have a white early 90's Geo Tracker that they use to patrol. Most of the people that work on security are 18-22 year old guys that are pretty cool, they make 7 bucks an hour so they really don't care about their job. Actually sometimes we even hang out with them in there. Now the real problem is cops, they are beginning to patrol more and more since Byberry is supposed to be torn down in the spring. They almost always drive around in their Philly Crown Vic's but I have heard of both dirt bike cops and a van that they use (but they are all marked and you can hear the engines coming usually). If you get caught, I have no idea what will happen as I have never heard of someone that was caught. Probably just get a fine. It is the 7th District Philly PD that patrols. The creek that is on the North side of the property is the boundary as to how far they can go since that becomes another town.

To cover a few other topics:

Best time to go.... well most people go on Friday and Saturday nights between 9 pm and 4 am, but if your new and afraid to meet people inside (and want to go when the PD patrols less) go on like a week night or Sunday during the day.

There are many entrances open into the place, once you get in somewhere, you can pretty much find your way to anywhere else. One popular place to get in is called Deers Head, its at the cross between W-5 and W-6 on the Eastern side of the tunnel. Most people like to park around Wawa which is just North of Byberry on the Blvd. Then walk along the Blvd. and walk through the field to the buildings.

You really don't have much to look out for besides the PD, if you go during the night they usually drive with their high beams on and you can usually hear them coming. If you should see them just duck into the bushes quick. They do stay off the paved road (concrete) that runs around the buildings, thats where they patrol. Also watch where you step, careful of nails and such. Also bring a flashlight, even in the middle of the day its pretty dark and even pitch black inside parts since its all boarded up.

And yes it is definatly worth the trip. Just don't be stupid and loud or shine your flashlights in the air at night. Have a good time if you should go and be careful.

- Wear jeans (they hold up best against you getting cut from glass or metal)
- Wear long sleeves (just to stay clean and for some sort of protection)
- Wear boots (once again for protection against injuries)
- Wear a hat (for tics and drips)
- Wear gloves (for protection and just to keep clean)
- Wear a mask (a cheapo one from an auto/home improvement store - for asbestos)
- Dark clothes (for night time and inside the buildings)
- Water - If you plan on being there or visiting a lot of things while there
- Flashlight - Seriously now people must I really explain this one? (even during the day)
- Bring a map or someone who knows their way (it is a large place connected in many ways)
- Bring radios of some sort (although they usually don't work in there)
- Cell phone (Duh..just in case - but don't lose it)
- A camera cause you're gonna want pictures
let's go to berry tonight and raise hell.
let's get some 40z and go to byberry.
by TyrannyReturns July 11, 2006
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