|ˈbwi ch | slang
a woman thought to have evil magic powers and a malicious or unpleasant attitude. Bwitches include the Eastern and Western Wicked Witches from Oz, as well as Bellatrix from the Harry Potter film series.
That bwitch be trippin.
by alizina2606 April 20, 2011
Term used when you can't decide whether someone is a bitch or a witch. Often used when that someone fits both descriptions.
That bwitch at that counter startling giggling when she would not sell me a pack of smokes because I didn't have anything smaller than a C-Note.
by D Golem February 25, 2011
word used by people who don't like to swear but don't understand the concept of swearing... also known as witch with-a-B.
Oh my gosh, no she didn't, that witch with-a-B just broke my nail!
by Sasha June 27, 2003

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