Those TBAEC guys love buzzcocks.
This guy I know who takes it from behind loves his buzzcock.
My girlfriend wanted a new buzzcock as a change from her dildo.
by coltarman September 14, 2010
Top Definition
Classic punk band with awesome songs with topics that no one else sings about.
Orgasm Addict, Lipstick, No Reply
by Ashley Kenyeres August 28, 2003
A very good punk band that is often overlooked or underrated. Sang songs about topics no other bands would touch. Very good, go pick up "Singles Going Steady" right now.
Lipstick, No Reply, Orgasm Addict, Ever Fallen In Love?
by Zak January 22, 2004
A vibrating sex toy.
My girlfriend bought a buzzcock and now she won't fuck me.
by lifelong July 04, 2005
Buzzkill + Cockblock = Buzzcock
The party would've been great if she hadn't been such a buzzcock!
by C-ClubGurl May 29, 2005
some one who is a wise ass
stop being such a fuckin' buzz cock bitch!!!!!!!!!!
by Shit maister January 01, 2003
A band so named from the phrase "bus cock". This is when males sitting on buses got erection from the diesel fumes the bus expelled. The erection could also be from the blond with huge tits sitting across from said male.
person 1: "Calm down Dave you've got an erection"
Dave: "Yes I know it must be the fumes of the bus, I call it my bus cock" aka buzzcock, buzzcocks.
by Decdude147 October 15, 2007
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