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A girl so desperate to preserve her precious virginity that she will take it anally as opposed to normal vaginal sex.
Ewwww, what a prude/dirty buttslut.
by icantthinkofacreativename July 18, 2008
25 18
A girl who unrelentlessly offers her butt to guys when ever she has the chance. But when it's time for action, she refuses to take it in the box. Just the butt.
That butt slut banged the whole Skitz Squad.

"Wow, what a buttslut"
by Kenny Burks December 11, 2007
35 32
A slut of the butt
Mariah is a buttslut, as she enjoys butt activities of the sexual nature.
by drick February 08, 2014
1 0
buttslut , A homosexual male, who craves anal sex!
"Robbies been a buttslut for a while now, he came out in high school"

Robbie your such a buttslut!!
by John hopkinz July 15, 2013
1 0
An individual that on multiple occasions has overly enjoyed receiving penetration through the sphincter and into the anal cavity.
"Dude's been a buttslut for a while now, he came out in high school"

"I'm still a virgin, I only get it in the butt, I guess I'm a buttslut"

"What what, in the buttslut"
by nodoitgang May 17, 2008
14 13
A type of smoker (normally of taylored cigarettes, but can include rolled tobacco, and marijuana joints) who drains the cigarette all the way to the butt, not wasting even a little. It is a derogatory term and usually has association with those of lower socio-economic backgrounds.
God, don't be such a butt slut! I'll give you another cigarette, geez!
by mbryo_ January 23, 2011
8 9