preferring sex over something else.
... but sex is soooo much better
by steve-o June 06, 2003
1.Having something suck, or being incredibly lame.

2.Summing up an entire conversation
1.Dude, this game is total butt sex, I'm done

2. After a long pointless answers
"So pretty much butt sex right?"
"Yeah pretty much"
by buttsex69 December 23, 2006
when in lineage2 the female darkelfs use the social waiting emote, they then bend over taking it in the ass from a horny male player character
human male: lol use the social waiting emote.
darkelf female: *bends over*
human male: *fucks the big boobed nice ass darkelf female*
by Boob Ass Thong Sex September 02, 2004
It means you put the penis in the ass. Duh?
"Our Buttsex was good last night! Wasn't it Kaitoo?" Riely asked
by Dick Heads January 30, 2015
butt sex is when two girls, or two guys(weird), or a girl and a guy(also weird) take a dildo, or a dildo like shaped object and stick it in each others assholes and bang back and forth
i love butt sex (actually i just couldnt think of an example and i think this shit is weird)
by david rogers February 02, 2005
|\ \__(•_•)
|| ||w\ \

When you open up your buttcheeks nice and wide so the other person can stick their dick inside.
We were having buttsex, then my mother came in and saw my 12 inch dick being shoved up the other guy's anus.
by DoctorRoflcopter March 12, 2015
But sex (noun) a activity mostly done by two male partners but also done by man and woman as well. Butt sex is the best way to get hiv.
John and Lee only have butt sex on saturdays.
by jkbchick May 25, 2015
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