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Someone who is being either annoying, inappropriate, or an asshole.
Suck vage, you're being a buttmonster.
by poopcock November 18, 2007
2 1
An alternate name for a demon (or "pinky demon") in ID Software's original Doom game series.
Blood and viscera flew everywhere when I attacked the group of butt monsters with my chainsaw.
by Timotheus325 January 21, 2009
7 2
An oversized 'butt plug'. See 'Butt Plug'
You, me, the Butt Monster. Saturday night. Be prepared
by MKULTRA July 07, 2013
2 0
somone who loves it in the butt.
David: " matter what, you always seem to have sex with that chick in the butt."

Chris: "I know dude, that's why we call her the butt monster!
by jj887732 November 10, 2006
9 9