"a 1000 dollars, I based it off the fact that one time I stuck 5 dollars up my butt.... and well... not to brag or nothing... but I know I can fit way more up there... way more.... EASY."
"I have this dream I dont tell very many people about, and thats to own a sea-doo and I'm gonna get one too, because I plan to make a buttload of money off this."
by Ashley January 20, 2005
The base unit for 'loads'. Not a whole lot, but will still take a large amount of time to do or be really hard to carry
That's a buttload of comics.
by Spud January 09, 2004
Weight measurement equal to that of two tons or 4000 lbs.
That is a BUTTLOAD of concrete
by Herb Owenby July 27, 2005
It's really a mishearing of boatload...Either way, it means a lot of something.
The struggling musician has a buttload of albums in his car trunk.
by amandagrace June 08, 2004
A Measure of items, about 7 or 8.
Man you have a buttload stuff!
by XxslayerxX October 15, 2005
A buttload is often used in an exagerated expression. A buttload is measured to be exactly 47 things.
For example, "There were a buttload of people at the mall today!".
by Skimmer August 19, 2005
Taking a huge dump.
Whew, after that butt-load, I feel 50 pounds lighter!
by mracuraintegra November 05, 2003

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