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The hair that covers your butt-cheeks.
May look disgusting sometimes, but still rocks when making fun of it.
Also good for showing your lack of respect for another person.
"Hey dude, let's go and set my buttfluff on fire."


"You're a dick man."
"Ah touch my buttfluff, ass eyes."
by Myname June 15, 2004
a) Literally: The pubic hairs around the butt. See: buttfluff

b) Figuratively: Style without substance, frivolous, useless, meaningless, unintelligent, pointless, form lacking function, redundant, annoying, irritating.
The Prisoner remake was pure butt fluff. Go watch the original if you have a brain.

That girl is hot but she's got nothing but butt fluff between her ears.
by warp9pnt9 November 16, 2009
When someone is getting F***ed in the ass and the man cums. xP
person 1- i has such a horrible night...

person 2- why?

person 1- cause i totally got full of butt fluff!

person 2- aweh man that sux!
by XAgentxCupcakeX May 19, 2009
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