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N. a person who you secretly love and just can't stop thinking about, even though you know you should. (by calling someone a buttface you cover up the fact in a flirty way that you love them)
He is such a buttface; I love him.(:
by SAMANTHA shocker November 24, 2007
A stupid person; A stupidhead; An asshole (ususally devoid of intelligence).
President George W. Bush is a buttface. If someone took a face and mixed it with a butt, it'd look just like him.
by Jeremy December 25, 2003
An affectionate term for a friend, can also be shortened to Butt, Butty or Bum, especially when several Buttface's are in the room.

Buttface's can usually be found saying plom
1) Jeu Buttface, how you doing?
2) Buttface lets go for a plom somewhere.
3) Go Buttface! Go!
by DJNrrd October 10, 2005
This isn't really a harsh name to call someone at all. More times than not it is used by close friends especially male/female friends or even siblings. There is a major difference in calling a person an "Ass head" as compared to "Butt Face"
"Hey what's up butt face?" "Are you going to make the birthday party on Saturday?"
by JP12345 August 27, 2007
A person that is weird and idiotic.
Ali: Hey, what's up?
Gabby: The floor.
Ali: You're such a buttface!
Bystander: Omg, Gabby is such a buttface!
by whodouthinkbitch October 07, 2010
a horrible ailment of which the sufferer has an ass for a face.
instead of talking, they emit large amounts of methane gas from slitted pores located beneath their inverted nostrils. This is a painful process for both them, and the surrounding people.
Person 1: "Hey, I heard Nick was a buttface, that's pretty funny"
Person 2: "It's actually a serious condition that is not a laughing matter. Too soon."
by Kackling December 28, 2009
Used as an affectionate and endearing term for a close friend who is goofy and hilarious.
Geoff Michael Trudell is a buttface.
by michievous-mikell January 08, 2012
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