Every Thing Lookz Good But Her Head.(Meaning Her Face)
"That Girl A butterhead!!!"
by JAZZY POOH BABY December 03, 2007
A pervasive crack smoker
Muthafukkuh went through dat boulder in five minutes??!!...Butterhead Nagger...
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
errthang look good...butterhead
damn dat bitch gotta a butterhead
by Bria_da_best February 25, 2007
A girl who dress nice and got a nice body but her face is ugly as hell
I would hit that ass because she ain't nothing but a butterhead.
by N.C.H October 11, 2005
describing a bad blowjob.
Yeah she gives good handies butterhead sucks.
by illtac October 14, 2005

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