Nickname for a person who is athletically gifted and is good at everything. They also tend to have a medical condition that causes their body to sweat more because they work more than the average person.
Coach: "Butterball hit 3 dingers today."
Scout: "He's the best player I've seen in a long time."
by zachary423 April 13, 2016
The opposite of "butterface", meaning a female who is extremely attractive from the neck up, yet it has an exceptionally unattractive figure or disfigurement not affecting the facial appearance.
Dude 1: "Hey, did you see that 'butterface' Aj took home last night?

Dude 2: "Yeah, but did you see her 'butterball' friend?

Dude 3: "Hell yeah. That's a huge bitch."
by lea-ahhhhhhh March 07, 2013
when a man coats his scrotum in movie popcorn butter, then in a various of the standard teabag, he inserts his scrotum into a woman's mouth
Jorge: Yo, there was a lot of leftover butter left in my popcorn last night, so I greased up and gave Cindy the ol' butter ball.
Paco: Did you save any butter for me?
by January 13, 2010
Slang for an intravenous shot of meth or any other similar uppers like dexedrine, ephedrine, or benzedrine.
David- "Hey whats goin on Jesus?

Jesus- "I'm about to do a big fat butterball then watch porn for five hours."
by ShaneWood January 12, 2012
A precious little person who squeaks. La dee dee do.
Butterball was precious today. She squeaked when I tickled her. So I fed her a cracker.
by JESSIKABRISBOIS December 09, 2010
word do describe a dick made out of butter
Oh butterballs!

Get your butterballs away from me you dirty girl!

Quit touching those butterballs danielle!
by cassyassy November 19, 2006
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