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a guy who surpasses the definitons of other words such as, idiot, stupid, lame.. or just a word to say when you dont know how to describe a guy who has made you mad, upset, confused etc.
Ugh Mike is ughhhh seriously ugh he's so awkward!!! He is SUCH a total buttchip!!!

I can't believe Jon hasn't texted me, what is his problem ugh such a buttchip.. such a buttchip.
by nodes July 10, 2008

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similar to potato chips, a very thin slice or small piece of funk trapped betwwen the cheeks of the buttocks.

Butt chips can consit of but are not limited to; tangled butt pubes, lent/fuzz, soiled toilet paper, dried cum, body dander, potato chips etc.

Often smelly, occasionally hard and definitely discusting.
Hottie: "Dude, go put some pants on before you sit down."
Dude: "Why baby?"
Hottie: "Because, I don't want butt chips everywhere."
by Bethany B March 10, 2007