After giving a female anal sex the male then proceeds to get a sharp knife and then stabs her in the ass, using the blood as lube to then anal fuck the females cat or dog!
Dave: Man last nite i heard frank butt buster (Busted) shes dead, and her cat, and Frank is doing life behind bars!

Frank: no i aint i escaped and im gonna rape you!

Dave: aaahhhhhh shit someone save me!
by Fuck your NAN!! CJR#14 September 05, 2008
Top Definition
large dick, usually on a gay guy who is top (like to fuck another guy)
my ass is so sore right now, this guy have a real buttbuster in his pants
by stephane May 31, 2007
ok, stephany is more or less correct....BUTTBUSTER is a gay guy with a large cock that likes to fuck other guys and leave them wanting more, butt it is also my handle and has been for 50 years, just because I like to fuck other guys and leave them wanting more...
Hey Jerry.......want me to open your ass for some big fun? I want to be your buttbuster.....
by nelson eddy November 01, 2007

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