Someone who has a nice body but sadly is not so lucky in the face department. "Butta face" comes from "but a face" when speaking of someone's nice features, except the face.
Fergie has a great body but she is a butta face! She has the face that could stop a clock.

Gisele Bundchen is another butta face. Great body but sadly, not such a great face.
Someone (usually a woman) who has a great body and an unattractive face. Everything looks good on her but her face.
(woman approaching from a distance) Damn! Check that shit out. Don't go there, man. She got that buttaface.
by Spooty December 01, 2005
Female with an extremely nice body but is also extremely ugly.
Damn, shorty is a buttaface for real. She has everything but a face.
by DND December 30, 2004
Everything is good but-her-face
Face is not up to par compared to the rest of her body
Tom: Damn man.. check out that ass

Girl turns around..

John: Ya...I'd hit that even though shes a buttaface
by deadheadhoodie January 10, 2008
A lady with a perfect body and all around good nature but an ugly face.
"wow, look at her body"
"yeah, shame she's a buttaface
by muslim_extremist June 11, 2007
A chick with a really hot body but a really ugly face. She is said to have everything "butt-a-face". The "butt" has two t's like butt meaning ass, because her ass will probably be bangin
Damn, that chick's a fuckin butt-a-face.
by China BOI 65 March 18, 2007
everything is nice but her face.
Damn! everything look good on her buttaface.
by Richard T. March 20, 2003
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