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The act of placing something, usually a finger, in your butt crack and then wiping the something on someone else. The goal of the butt-winkle is to transfer your butt stench to someone else.
I was joking around with my girlfriend last night after the gym and gave her a butt-winkle. Now she won't sleep with me because all she can smell is my ass.
by Trii October 03, 2007
(n): One who drinks beer way before noon, pees with the door open, farts on your leg, then puts a chocolate covered raisen in their butt crack and feeds it to their peers.

Synonyms: loony

Common Misspellings: butt winkle, buttwinkle, butt-winkel, buttwinkel, butt winkel
Samantha, you're such a butt-winkle.
by Finner November 27, 2005
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