<3 <--- this is a buttcone. You might think it's a heart, but it's a buttcone. It shows infinitely more love.

<3<3<3<3 buttcones for all of you.
GF "I love you babe!"
BF "Yeah? Well I <3 you!"
GF "A heart? That's all? you can't say 'love'?"
BF "No sweetie, it's a buttcone. I buttcone you."
GF *swoons*
by STILL Gingerlicious Chaos March 06, 2013
Top Definition
Intended as a heart, a butt-cone is the actual shape that is created when combining "<" and "3". The result is <3.
Happy Valentine's Day! Sending butt-cones to y'all! <3 <3 <3
by Elicia B. February 17, 2008
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