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a man or woman who desires to fuck people in the ass, both male and female.
My boyfreind love anal sex too much. I know he is just a butt surfer.
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt October 18, 2007
Male or female who enjoys performing anal sex with their penis and/or dildo
My brother, who is a expert buttsurfer, performed anal sex with his cousin Hal all through the night.
by Ima Feinlen February 07, 2004
A member of a clueless freshwater species known as the river kayaker who ventures out of his element and into the lineup thinking he or she can actually surf, with no concern for the hazard posed to real surfers by a huge uncontrollable boat and paddle. Obviously afraid of salt water, as indicated by presence of nose plug, helmet, and life vest.
"Hey, bra, what's up with that buttsurfer crowdin' the lineup? If he likes sitting on his ass so much, shouldn't he stay in his cubicle?"
"Dude, I know, he totally ran me over when he got caught inside on that big set!"
by mountainsharkbait May 08, 2009
One who fucks butts in such a manner that it appears he "surfs" from butt to butt
Oh he's totallya butt surfer.
by Levi Morris April 18, 2005
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