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The unconfortable itchy feeling in the anus usually after a terrible wiping experience
Brock: So how'd that deuce go?

Pierce: Awful, it was one of those craps that took 150 wipes. My anus will be itching in no time

Brock: That sucks, your gonna get butt rot
by BS Man February 11, 2006
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what's filthier than ass?..many things. buttrot is one of them.

another word for scum or disease
doctor! i've got bad case buttrot
doc: i'll just prescribe you with a crackstrap
by 7evilz May 06, 2005
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When you have been sat down for too long and your arse starts to feel numb/sore

I've been sitting down for 10 hours straight and I have a serious case of Butt rot :/

by Tecviper May 24, 2003
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