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one who squeezes butts regardless of previously knowing the person

pronounced Berangér
"She just pinched that artsy guys butt"
"yeah shes a buttranger"
by A.Chang666 September 09, 2009
one who lusts after guys asses
that butt ranger would love to stick his pole up your ass
by MAJOR BUTT RANGER March 03, 2003
A gentrified lesbian that maintains a constant state of irony no matter the context. Said persons usually only associate with ONE person: either a much fatter Butt Ranger or a homosexual black man. Activities include: watching "Daria", blogging about how much they hate progress, pretending to like noise music, riding fixed gear bikes, drinking shitty beer, shaving their heads, growing testicles, and feigning bitterness over a time when they were once STRAIGHT to mask the fact that they have no point of reference. EVER.
I tried to have this conversation with a butt ranger yesterday, but all she did was watch boys don't cry in men's underwear and practice not smiling at pictures of straight guys.
by boosietolemedeydykin September 17, 2009