the clumps of human excrement found on arse hairs. they cling to the hairs forming clumps,known as butt nuts. they occur when the bumhole has not been properly wiped with toilet paper.
oh no i have got a load of dried shit around my arse, they are sticking to my arse hairs. i hate butt-nuts!
by Mr Frumley November 02, 2006
The part of your ballsack right where your buttcrack starts, in between your legs.
Dude, my butt nut is itching soooooo bad!
by rdogvids123 April 10, 2010
stupid, retarted, mean
Your a fat ugly butt nut person!!!!!
by goat face April 12, 2007
one that loves a big butt on a women
big butt
by tom October 11, 2003
a male reaching anal orgasm.
by Anonymous September 16, 2003
the place between where your balls stop and your ass begins
the butt nut is the ugliest thing on a man's body
by wack September 16, 2003
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