debris expelled from the anus post anal sex consisting of mostly ejaculatory fluid.
some gay men are scared to have sex hastily for fear of excess butt nut
by Teegeay October 21, 2010
something you call your little brother regularly and is topped off when accompanied with a noogie.
see above for other examples of the term buttnut
by slightlybonkers March 06, 2008
An insult much like Buttface but much more gruesome and always brings the victim of your insult to a loss for words.
You Buttnut you smell of rotting cheese.
by Corrie July 11, 2005
a nut that sometimes comes out of your butt. perhaps after a raging party, or something.
Ashaya: Awh man, last night was awesome!

Skylar: I Know right? There's one disadvantage to partying too hard.

Ashaya: Oh yeah? Whats the disadvantage?

Skylar: Butt-Nuts. =\ Came out this morning, what the hell did we even do last night?

Ashaya: Not sure, musta been good though.
by causeeveryothernameistaken April 23, 2010
n. a slang term for "homosexual"
he's a decent fella and everything, but listening to all that Ricky Martin means he must be a butt nut
by docks6 October 17, 2003
Climax experienced as one finishes fucking another in the ass.
Hey, Devon, did you buttnut that shit last night?
by JosueFender July 15, 2008
its where you have your testicles surgically removed (by a doctor) and placed in to your ass cheeks to supply padding and comfort when I sit or lay
"I went to the doctors and had Butt Nuts now its less painful when I fall on my ass and more comfort when I sit down"
by Sargent Gamer May 30, 2016
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