Top Definition
the act of lusting over another mans ass.
Nick is lost in butt lust with me.
by Anonymous September 16, 2003
An uncontrollable urge to take a bite out of a round, juicy, tight little mound.
"That girl fills me with raging butt-lust!"
by real dethkon April 19, 2010
Used in reference to a gay guy or a really gay act.
Brian- "Hey I think you really should avoid Austin over there."

Matt- "Why"

Brian- "Beacuse I think he's developing a buttlust for you"
by consuela la plata December 09, 2007
Term yelled out of the window of your car at 18 year old douche bags that still ride their bikes through town.
"Quick, role youe window down!"
by Dick Trickel April 17, 2005
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