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The sanitary paper seat covers for a public toilet.
Walking out of the bathroom, someone says: "Dude, you got a butt gasket stuck to your shoe."
by Rev. Bill October 04, 2007
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Same as assgasket

The tissue paper thing shaped like a toilet seat that is in a public bathroom that you cover the toilet seat with to prevent your butt from touching it
Guy that needs to take shit: I need to take a shit.
Other guy: we’re almost home can’t you wait?
Guy that needs to take shit: NO!!!!
Other guy: ok we’ll stop here.
Guy that needs to take shit: this place is dirty I can’t poop here.
Other guy: well it’s here or you have to wait to we get home! Just out a few buttgaskets on the toilet seat and then sit down.
by yourname2 March 24, 2007

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