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Term used to refer to someone who has just done something stupid.
Jamie: "Ah no, I just sharted in my pants."
Ben: "Nice job Butt Pipe!"
Jamie: "I just missed the exit, and it's 50 miles to the next turnaround."
Ben: "You Butt Pipe!"
by Joe Bough September 27, 2006
An insultory phrase describing someone as an asshole, poop chute, assface, etc. Usually denotes extreme stupidity, retardedness, assism, and all-around shittiness.
"Don't fuckin kill me you Roman buttpipes!" cried Jesus during the crucifixion.
a long tube or hollow body used for inhalation of smoke, usually from burning pubic hairs in areas surrounding the anus.
"Please sanitize my buttpipe after you're finished."
by Trey Paxton March 26, 2008
a term for sum onme who is an arse hole
by geordie October 24, 2003
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