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being of extream nerdyness as to receive an insult, BUTT NERD.
you are a supreme butt nerd.
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(1) Person who does nothing but sit and read all day and when you walk by them you smell nothing but 'shit'
(2) Person who spends a whole class period drawing nothing but butts in his notebook

(buttnerdy) Adjective:
(1)Person in the act of being a Buttnerd
1. Jarrid Lorrain (Current Sophmoore at SENECA High School Wattsburg, PA

2. Jarrid, you are being so buttnerdy, take a shower!
by Chris et Kristen September 24, 2008
1.To lose control or freak out.
2.To act crazy
I told Antron we had to take the bus home, man he went fuckin butt nerd.

...and then a helicopter shot at the hulk and the hulk went fuckin butt nerd smashing stuff
by Antron January 01, 2005

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