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The little bit of toilet paper that gets stuck on your ass hairs and through the rubbing action of your ass cheeks is magically transformed into what looks like a very small joint. The butt doobie commonly falls to the bathroom floor as you pull your pants down when laying the second or third grogan of the day. The butt doobie may also make an appearance in your bed, especially if you bring a hot piece of ass home for some hot monkey sex. It's presence will totally embarass you and cause you to make the hottie do something demeaning like toss your salad or take it in the shitter so you'll still have the upper hand.
I was getting ready to slip the pink steel to this hot strumpet when she spotted a butt doobie in my bed. I had to give it to her in the brown-round and then make her lick the KY, shit, and blood off my cock to re-assert my respectability
by Mr. Tapeworm June 02, 2006
The pieces of rolled-up toilet paper stuck in your ass hair.
I was in the shower, picking butt doobies out of my ass.
by NEGROTIC BICKWOW February 22, 2003
The toilet roll located up the ass of the large Kraid-phewl. Irreplacable. Priceless.
Kraid's butt-doobie is bulging today.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
Stuffing Dank in a plastic bag up your ass to hide from the fuzz. Then taking the Dank out of your ass and lighitng up.
I pulled Dank out my ass after hiding from the cops. I rolled a tight joint soon after and lit up.
by wicky wick wick February 22, 2003
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