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Usually appears the morning after an evening of heavy drinking accompanied by the conumption of late night food favored by drunks. Not only is it liquid with the consistency and color of coffee, it always is the temperature of very hot coffee.
After awakening from an evening of twelve pints of Guiness, six shots of patron, 3 packs of Marlboro reds and 30 hot buffalo wings I sat upon the porcelain convenience head in hands and unleashed a torrent of butt coffee that set my anus ablaze.
by Mitch Cumstein January 24, 2005
liqui-shit, the color and consistency of coffee. See butt vomit.
I had a raging case of butt coffee last night. My ass is raw from wiping
by itchy corn April 16, 2003
Feces, especially runny stuff
There I was, stuck on the beltway, when I felt myself percolating some butt coffee.
by Greaseman March 27, 2003
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