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A reverse pushup in which a female lays on her back and thrusts her pelvic region, the bush, up and down while keeping arms pressed to the ground.
I got a tight ass doing all those bush ups at the gym today.
by Alma Scots April 12, 2006

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(noun) Extreme degree of screwup or fuckup or snafu, often linked to fatalities, disease, destruction and no way out. Derived from President George W. Bush, the ultimate source right now of bushups, but he does have relatives and staff and fellow Republicans, and God is not always kind, so the term is not going away.
The Shiite stampede on a bridge in Baghdad, killing a thousand, and caused by too much security, was a classic bushup.
If North Korea nukes Japan, that will be a real bushup.
New Orleans has a bad case of multiple bushups.
by John Marshall September 01, 2005