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The morning after eating a vindaloo, when sitting on the toilet trying to dispose of it through the other end, the sensation caused is an extreme burning otherwise known as Burning Ring Of Fire
Man 1 " I need a shit but its gonna burn like fuck"

Man 2 " Your gonna Have A burning ring of fire you poor bastard"
by Yunga B February 20, 2009
The sensation experienced in the anal region after eating a habanero.
After eating the habanero tacos, my ass felt like a burning ring of fire.
by Led Zeppole October 03, 2003
When someone has diarrhea and then gets a rim job
girl/guy #1 "Damn that was a nasty shit" girl/guy#2 "let me give u a burning ring of fire"
by Riderm5 May 28, 2012