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a car ride soley used to get high, most likely the car is hot boxed and it ends up at a fast food restaurant; just smokin and ridin

D picked us up cause we had a half ounce and we went on a 2 hour burn run.
by North Allegheny January 15, 2007
The expression used when going for a sweet ass ride, or drive, in a vehicle with all your smokin' buddies && gettin totally ripped, doin crazy ass shit like dougnuts in snow &&ice. Usually sex follows, and food right after.
"Yo man, you up for Burn Run to the Mountains?"

"Hey i got a Q and new water bong...up for a nice burn run?"

"Yo, you gotta check out the new wheels on my car, so lets head out for a burn run." "yea man lets go. I got an ounce."
by StonerHoe♥ February 03, 2009
The act of leaving class to get high.
Person One (Of Asian Descent): WHAT UP?
Persons Two and Three (Of Hispanic Descent): BURN RUN THIRD PERIOD!
Persons Four Through Nine (Of Caucasian Ancestry): DUDE... DUUUUDE... ARE YOU SERIOUS?

by Kenwizzle FoShizzle December 22, 2005
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