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The state of craving a burger or eating a burger or recovering from eating an enormous burger.
last sundayy i got a 4x4 from in n out and was recovering for like 3 days ergo i was burgin for half a week

i havent been burgin in a while... whichh means i guess IM BURGIN!!!! IM BURGIN OUT!!!
by matt123654 July 02, 2007
-Experiencing the ferocious need for a huge, gnarly burger.
-Vehemently consuming a burger.
-Recovering from mega burger overindulgence.
"Oh man i'm burgin for some delicious burgs"
"Yo homeslice, we be burgin"
"Hurry up and get me my burgs mom im burgin here!"
"Hey Connor are you burgin?""Of course I made the word up silly!"
by Connor K August 04, 2007
Experiencing the intense need for a huge, gnarly burger,
passionately consuming a burger or burger, or recovering from burger overindulgence.

"Man, I'm burgin"
"Oh yeah, I'm burgin!"
"Goddamn it, help me, I'm burgin!"
by Kick*ssduke July 21, 2007
The extreme desire for a hamburger. Can be experienced while not physically hungry.
Person 1: I'm not really that hungry but man, I am Burgin like a mothafucka. Let's stop at McDonalds

GE: Nigga please. I been burin' since tha day I was born
by Bird boy July 19, 2007
Eating, craving, or recovering from having eaten a hamburger.
I was burgin' my ass off before burgin' on those JBC's. But I burged too hard, and now I'm just burgin' in bed.
by rthardin July 05, 2007
The act of eating a hamburger
munchin on big mac burgin till the break of dawn

what u burgin on
by gustavo86 June 29, 2007
I think "burgin" originally comes from the jamaican english, patois, and means not more than brother.
"Yes mi burgin, wha gwan! Tough cloth de de, yu look good"
by Irie_Daily April 03, 2006
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